Summary of all items to backup


I am trying to understand how best to backup DevonThink.

Any criticisms would be greatly appreciated

This is the list of items I think should be backed up and how I do it:

  • Databases → Export Daily Backup Archive script which i trigger daily with a keyboard maestro macro and a Cron “time of the day” macro trigger.

  • Smart Groups: I think that they are included in the corresponding databases, ie in the backup above

  • Smart Rules: I manually select them all in DevonThink→ Export → save in a backup folder. I am not very happy with the result which is a list of smart rules and the fact that I have to highlight each rule which means that I cannot use a keyboard maestro macro. I could not find a way to simply select everything under the “Smart Rules” heading which seems to be neither a group nor a database. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

  • all Pref Settings. I don’t know how to backup. Should I backup a plist or application folder ?

  • Is there anything else to backup ?

thank you very much

I don’t understand why you are doing this. I use Time Machine and Carbon Copy Cloner to make backups of my whole hard drive onto two partitions of an external hard drive and Backblaze to make another backup. That covers me.


thank you for your comment.
I do the same thing with CCC.
That being said, I like to understand the fundamentals. It’s for my education

I’m afraid I don’t understand what you are trying to learn. You asked how best to back up DEVONthink. If you back up your whole hard drive using Time Machine and CCC, plus an offsite backup (such as Backblaze, or some other service) you have pretty much the best backup you can get. Backing up individual bits of DEVONthink would seem to be completely redundant in that scenario. If it is on the hard drive – which it must be – it has already been backed up by more than one application.

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Sorry to bother you. I would appreciate you help. I think that my question makes sense if I was to restore perhaps one old smart rule, or only the prior preferences without restoring everything such as an older database.
thank you