Super slow downloads

DTTG on my iPad is completely synced. Then I tried to open a RTF document in the app that had to be downloaded. The document size was 3kb. How is it possible that it took 30+ seconds to download and view the document?

My wifi is fine and the app is not frozen.

Syncing by what method?


Do you mean a Bonjour sync?

Sorry for not being clear. My phone is on a high speed wifi network but not Bonjour. So I am downloading the file from the Dropbox sync store.

But I can download large files on the Dropbox app in a fraction of the time it takes to download a 3kb file on DTTG.

Dropbox and the API we have to use are not the same mechanism, so it’s not a reliable comparison.
You could be getting timeouts from Dropbox’s servers.

I think I figured out what’s going on - when I open DTTG on iOS and try to download a document, the app first initiates a sync of all databases, which can take several minutes. Once that’s done I can download documents, but only after waiting a few minutes. Is this a known issue?

If there are unfinished syncs, then yes they could take priority.
Development would have to assess the behavior.

Fixing this would be a big help. I understand the app trying to sync everything, but in real world usage if I’m in a meeting and need to pull up a document and it takes 3 minutes, that’s just not working for most people.

if “most people” includes me, i do not agree that this is a big deal. the work around is to keep the synch up to date outside of scheduled meetings. :wink: