Support Assistant and Tutorials not working

When the Support Assistant and Tutorials screen is opened either from the Help menu or when the program is launched, the screen is blank. I’ve tried restarting the program and the computer. What am I missing?

Make sure your Flash player is up to date. You may even have to uninstall and reinstall it (per this vimeo link:

Thanks for the tip. I tried it (and double checked the instructions), but Support Assistant is still not working.

Here’s what it looks like, just in case it makes a difference:

Does the video play on our site: … rials.html or on

Yes, the video plays on both your site and vimeo in Chrome and Firefox.

I have this exact same problem. Does anyone know how to fix it?

Video playback in the Help > Tutorials window works for me without Flash Player plugin installed, as I mentioned in this more recent topic:

Re: Tutorial Video Playback

If that’s not helpful for you BLUEFROG’s reply after mine might be.