Support Assistant "Step 1" doesn't work.

I’m evaluating DEVONthink Pro Office, and I just tried the Support Assistant.

Support Assitat brought up a window with three panels, the first of which was labeled “Step 1, Read the FAQ.”

I clicked it, and it launched Help Center which showed this unhelpful message:
“The selected topic is currently unavailable.”

Can I fix this, or is it a bug?

How can I find the FAQ?

It appears that the FAQ link is pointing to the wrong page in the Apple Help system (a bug). However, if you click on the link that’s displayed just above the error message you reported (see image) you’ll be taken to the main DEVONthink page in Help.

Thanks for confirming the bug.

Where can I find the FAQ?

Open DEVONthink help from the Help menu. At the bottom of the home Help page select Documentation. FAQ is listed in the left-hand column.