Support directory picking (open DTTG folders in place in other apps) on iOS 13

Due to changes on iOS 13, other apps can no longer pick the directories in “DEVONthink To Go” from the Files app. DTTG needs to update to enable this again.

(PS: Working Copy has fixed this. DTTG 2.7.2 beta hasn’t fixed this.)

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding, but it is working here for me. IPadOS beta 13.1, DEVONthink to Go beta 2.7.2.

I’m referring to “open folders in place” feature supported in apps like Textastic, iA Writer, and etc. They can no longer open folders provided by DTTG any more.

In the screenshot, DTTG is greyed out.

PS: Working Copy (The folder sync feature) or TeX Writer are only the two apps that have updated properly to support “open folders in place” on iOS 13. I’m not sure if iA Writer has updated yet.

iA Writer is working fine here to access DEVONthink to Go folders. iPadOS 13.1 beta, iA Writer 5.2.8.

Yes. You can access files in “DEVONthink To Go”. But you cannot pin a folder inside it, say the “global inbox”.

To clarify, other apps could get access to individual files provided by DTTG, but not entire folders. In iOS 12, accessing folders and files are the same. But iOS 13 changed this behaviour and requires a different method for picking folders than picking files.

See these tweets from the developer of Working Copy for more details.

iOS 13 is officially out. Hope this could get some attention as now it’s not possible for other apps to access entire folders in DTTG anymore.