Support for Airmail

Apple’s still has problems with gmail accounts (at least on Mavericks).
So Devon’s support for alternate email apps is important. Airmail (by Bloop) is the best I’ve found, and my choice.

Specifically, I am very interested in the “Send by Email” action working correctly with Airmail. As of today, when sending a searchable PDF, only the text is added to the email (as the email’s text). The PDF is not attached. (I’ve not tested with other file types or formats, as my work specifically requires searchable PDF.)

It would be extremely useful if this were to work properly.


We cannot offer support for every app in the wide range of mail applications out there. Generally it comes down to how frequent a request it is as well as what are the inter-application abilities of the receiving app. I see that Airmail does have an Applescript dictionary that allows email with attachment capabilities, so that is encouraging at least.

Oh yes, please count me in on this one. Airmail has gained a lot of traction and is widely used.

Is there anyway to get airmail email into DTPO?

I’ve tried dragging and both apps stop responding.

As mentioned earlier, with the decline of Mail.apps support for gmail and certainly its questionable stability, I’m wanting to use other email clients, but DTPO has been my long time email storage container. I’ve been tempted with Evernote as there seem to be so many ways to get email in. Is there any way for Devonthink to rethink how email is imported?

Airmail has added rule support and additional Applescript commands in its newest beta release. There isn’t good documentation on the new Applescript commands yet but once there is, this may be as easy as cleaning up the existing Mail scripts.

At least the AppleScript support of the latest public release (1.3.3) is still not sufficient.

Right, I am looking at 1.4 beta. Again, the applescript documentation is not there but the demo applescript file seems to be doing what is necessary (looping through and reading selected messages).

I will second a request for DTPO interfacing with Airmail for archiving purposes.

Me too!

to those that still have problems with apple mail, i’m curious. what other problems do you still have?

Apple mail has been working for me. The only problem i have with apple mail is that the junk mail won’t get deleted but that’s a minor problem, since all junk mail in gmail gets deleted in 30 days.

The rest is ok. It syncs, send, receive mails.

In fact, my problem was the opposite, i used airmail and it has problems. Deleted msg refused to be deleted and resurface. So i switched back to apple mail since I need to archive my mail into DTPO.

So far, it’s a good, lightweight and reasonable mail app.

I would very much DTP to work with Airmail the way in does with mail

Mail’s biggest problem for me is a ‘bug’ that according to the Apple Suport Forums is not unusual and which I share: on first opening very frequently the window does not open although the app is running. Many reports have been sent to Apple but no fix has happened yet. At least Airmail runs okay!

I am using the Airmail Beta, it has great connectivity to Evernote and OmniFocus, it would be really good if it also interfaced with DEVONthink!

+1 for Airmail.

+2 Airmail

I personally am looking for ANY solution that will allow me to automate importing mail attachments into DTPro.

Now that the Apple Mail integration and scripts are broken for attachments (due to a bug in Yosemite) it may be that the only way to do this is to start using an alternative e-mail client.

IF anyone has got any ideas I’d be really grateful. Grabbing attachments and keeping them archived is a huge part of what make DTPro useful for me.

I would also really like to see this get integrated into DTP…so +1 for me.

+1 for me too!

Certainly now they’ve released their iOS app as well

The Blog entry for DT 2.7.4 lists “Support for Air Mail” as new feature. … ote-2-7-4/

I’m wondering how that support looks like. Perhaps someone from DT could chime in and explain …

BTW: +1 for AirMail Support


Just got Airmail and was working out how to export emails into DevonThink. The best way that I have found is to create an action rule and assign it a keyboard shortcut. My rule exports a selected email to a folder in the finder that has the folder action “Import to DevonThink” attached to it. If this folder is stored in DropBox then you can also use the folder to export emails and attachments from the Airmail iOS app.