Support for Circus Ponies NoteBook

That would be nice to have a support for NoteBook files inside DEVONThink.

It has been a long time since I used it, but doesn’t NoteBook keep all of its pages inside its own database?

It’s not really a database… I use it, for example, to take notes during class and it would be nice to have them inside DevonThink so to make the search easier !

Yes, but are your class notes individual files in the Finder, or are they contained in a CP NoteBook?

One option would be to print your notebook to a PDF file, and import/save that PDF into DEVONthink.

It’s one big (15Mb) .nb file.
I know the .pdf should be an alternative… but it’s complicated to keep them up-to-date !
I’ve just thought that DT could read the .nb data as it does for Scrivener files for exemple ! :wink:

NoteBook puts its pages, their text, and their attributes into hex-encoded .plists inside the .nb database package – there is no way DT is going to make anysense of that without considerable cooperation from Circus Ponies. Unlike Literature and Latte, which provides a QuickLook plugin for its files, Circus Ponies does not provide QuickLook for its databases. It is these QuickLook plugins that DT relies on when displaying anything other than .txt .rtf and Web documents.

On the other hand, it’s simple to export the notebook as a Web site, and update that export as needed. Export to a folder and then index that site in DT. At least, that’s what I do with NoteTaker and it works fine.

Sorry for resurrecting the old thread!

I have just given second try to Notebook and find it really nice and handy to take notes and was wondering if DTP would be able to search inside notebooks.

So I put a test notebook file into one of indexed folders and then switched to DTP and run a search for particular sentence I had in it. To my delight it found the text in the notebook and offered to open it externally in Notebook app. So, as far as search is concerned it works, although to see the result you need to open the file externally in Notebook.

I’m now trying to find a workflow to accommodate for both - DTP and CPN. At the moment CPN looks a bit more comfortable to me for taking notes. Although it’s not as good in clipping department as DTP is. Besides, in Lion it has problem to send PDF into Notebook via Print menu. But for quick note taking it has two advantages over DT: 1) it’s somehow more natural (probably, because it resembles paper notebook so well); 2) it eats by far less memory (3-4 times less than DTP on my MacBook), which is critical for me as I usually have many other applications running in parallel that can’t be closed.

Anybody else is using CPN alongside DTP? What’s your workflow?

For several years, I used CP Notebook as my genealogy research notebook. It was at the heart of my work. The switch to DtPO for my family history research raised the problem of how to best “extract” the contents from NB and to get them into DtPO. Nothing I tried promised anything other than prolonged drudgery.

When in doubt: consult the experts. This thread suggested a solution that I’d never heard of. I exported the applicable notebook as a website to disk and placed the resulting group of files in Finder.

Indexing that folder into my family history database in DtPO took only a second or two. The result is my notebook now logically integrated into DtPO, and it looks and feels just as it did before. I wanted to freeze the information in it and changed all permissions to “read only.”

Test searches show this new addition to be fully integrated into my DtPO workbench with all the data accessible and all links to online sources intact.

This is another occasion to say “thanks” to those who take the time to make their experience available for the benefit of us who may be just getting started.