Support for dragging file


I’m using Apple Pages and I can get things into DT by exporting them as word documents first, but this looses some of the formatting. It would be great to have .pages support in DTP.




thank you for the suggestion, this will definitely come. For now you could print the document to DEVONthink Pro, this will retain the formatting.

I have been waiting for this feature for more than a year now. I was hoping that the latest update would included it, but, sadly, it didn’t. The common reply is that Apple doesn’t like to share the file format for Pages, therefore Devonthink doesn’t know how to read Pages files. Nevertheless, there are at least two other apps that interact with Pages natively:



When is this much needed feature going to be implemented?

Hi, Ameru. As Christian noted long ago, Apple provided developers with limited hooks to Pages, and those concerned input.

What Sente does with Pages 08 documents, for example, is useful, but it requires the document to be open under Pages. Bookends does a bit more.

You and I both want to be able to import a Pages document into a DT database, search the text contents and see a display of the text within the database. That’s a priority and will happen when it’s ready. I’m anxious, too; Pages is turning into a good word processor/layout application.

Thanks for giving this notice. I don’t have a clean and organized system because of the lack of Pages support. I perform several workarounds. I reconsider my work-habits. Maybe I can compose everything in RTF? Not really. (smile)

Maybe one day… As things go, that day may be the day Apple decides to stop supporting a particular Pages format and have a newer, more easily accessed format. Who knows.

Anyone know of any advanced RTF based word processing and page layout applications?

I would also like to be able to preview my pages docs in DTPO.
It is a hassle having to open everything up just for a peek.