Support for outlines and page change without slide movement

Hi I have two suggestions that can significantly upgrade the pdf reading experience in DEVONthink to go.

  1. support for outlines. It is important to have access to the outlines of the pdf and be able to navigate through them in lengthy PDFs
  2. when you turn pages there is currently a sliding motion of the pdf page before it moves to the new page. When you are skimming through PDFs this sliding motion is very tiring for the eyes. PDF expert has the nicest page turning function, where you just tap on the side of the page and the page changes without any sliding motion whatsoever. This makes the skimming through large PDFs so much more convenient.

How do you change pages that you get a “sliding” animation?

I have tried all possible ways. There is always a movement either vertical or horizontal (depending on the scrolling mode) prior to the change of the page

Could you maybe make a video (via QuickTime Player on the Mac) and send it to dev_ios(at) Thanks.

Are you sure you haven’t zoomed in a little before viewing. For a PDF, a slightly zoomed in view (pinched out) will make the page “slide” up/down, left/right a little when using the finger to move or tap a page.