Support for Synology Drive Office Documents


are you planning to support Synology Drive Office (only text view) in DTPO?


Afaik DT does not provide preview for documents on its own but relies on Apple’s quick view functionality.

I think e.g. Markdown is also not supported by quick view (it shows only the plain text) and DT is showing “formatted” Text in a second pane. Maybe it is simply possible to have a similar (only) preview for Synology Drive Office Documents.

It was just an idea, because we were asking us, how we can index such documents in DT.

First off, there has been a discussion on Synology Notes here some time ago. Maybe that helps.
Second: My first answer was a bit short. DT uses Quickview for all formats for which it does not have its own preview functionality. That applies to Office documents as well as to Symbian Drive stuff and others. I guess they include preview for formats that are deemed

  • sufficiently wide spread
  • easy to implement (which excludes Office, of course)
  • don’t inflate the app too much

So they rely on Apple’s PDFKit (which causes some trouble occasionally) and other built-in libraries. MD is sufficiently easy to render to HTML or PDF, I guess.
If Synology Office uses its own format (and what that might be) or something more standardized like odf – I have no idea.

ODF and Word use XML as their internal format, packaged into a ZIP archive. If DT can index that, I don’t know.

Word and ODF files are indexed, but not editable, and yes displayed via QuickLook.

Here’s an imported .ODT file…