Support of play media types within Devonthink

I recently have indexed some media files into Devonthink database. By default, file types that supported by macOS Preview can be played within Devonthink, such as mp3/m4a/m4b/wav/flac/mp4, but not for file types as ape/diff/dsf/mkv. I have third-party app that can play such files types installed but would like to have the option, to play such files without leaving Devonthink interface.

Is it not supported, or is there a way to configure? thanks.

I’m quite certain that DT doesn’t support that. Perhaps installing a quickview plugin for these datatypes helps. Or converting them to one of the supported formats.

Thank you…it is good to know “quickview plugin”, I just try betterzip and apparency, and both useful.

But haven’t found any plugin for media files that are similar to macOS Preview, e.g. QLVideo can show a frame of mkv file but not be able to play it.