Support PDF bookmarks in DTPO viewer

So far I’m very impressed with the capabilities of DTPO and have successfully migrated a huge amount of information to it. I am comfortable using only DTPO for most of the data access I need to do. However, some larger PDF documents include bookmarks which, in any other viewer, I would be able to access in a side pane. Please add support for PDF bookmark navigation in a side pane. If this was a feature I would be able to stay completely within DTPO for much of my research work, and large documents would be easily navigable.

Many thanks

thanks for the suggestion! This won’t be part of the final 2.0 release but it is scheduled for a 2.x release.

Great, thanks for listening!

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Keep up the great work! I’m new to DTP, and this is the only thing I’ve wanted. :slight_smile: