Support x-callback urls in bookmarks

Thanks for building such robust sync – and document provider into DEVONThink To Go.

I use DT bookmarks to store links to documents in other apps. While DT will store these like any other URL, it would be great if DT could open them.

Here’s an example, from Ulysses – although I use these for many other apps like iThoughts, 1Writer and many others.


When viewing such a bookmark in the app, DT shows “Invalid Bookmark”, and there’s no way to actually open the link.

I understand that DT would never be able to display the contents of such a link, but it would be great if we had a button that would open the link, which in this case opens a particular document in Ulysses.


Some future changes may allow for more interaction like this.

This should be fixed in version 2.1.2 which accepts all custom URL schemes. The current version does, too, but iOS security kicks in and tells it ‘no, this is not for you’. Version 2.1.2 doesn’t try to be smarter and leaves it fully up to the system.

Great! Looking forward to that update!

Returning to this topic two years later to know if now is possible to add a x-callback link of Ulysses to DEVONthink and is able to keep the content of the document searchable.
I think is not possible, but could be a great way to keep the original document inside Ulysses (With all the functionalities as Keywords) but with the power search and organisation of DT.
I am not talking just for DTTG but DTP3 too.

Have any sense?