Suppress auto-expanding drop folders

Like most users, I have some HUGE folders of documents. Into which I drop MORE documents. And every time I do so, the ******** folder EXPANDS so that I have to scroll all the way up to the top and collapse the sucker again so that I can see my outline structure.

Is there (or could there be) any way to say "Just put the blasted thing in the folder and don’t show it to me until I explicitly ask for it?

Hi mbywater, it seems that we have quite a similar woking style. This is another feature I have long been asking for. I hope it will make its way to the next minor release!


I don’t like the auto-expanding behavior of groups either.

I avoid the problem in one of two ways, both of which I find faster and easier than drag & drop in the Names column, anyway.

[1] Use the contextual menu option, Move to. Works well, and I never have to worry about accidentally releasing the selected item(s) into the wrong group. I also like the contextual menu option of being able to replicate items.

[2] Select Tools > Show Groups. When I do drag & drop, I find the Groups panel easier to navigate and less error-prone (at least for me). And it doesn’t leave my view windows with multiple expanded groups and subgroups after the drag & drop operation. In DT/DT Pro preferences, I leave the check box for “Hide Groups panel when inactive” unchecked, and minimize the panel to the Dock so that it is always quickly available.

Maria: yes. Spooky. Maybe we’re replicants…

Bill: Move to… is fine once the stuff is in DT. But the Groups window is a good workaround. In however long I’ve been using DT, I’ve never even opened it. Well there you go . It’s RT*M for me from now on (he lied).

… which is better than being aliases. If one of us is deleted, the other survives…



. . . I feel a SciFi story coming on . . .

Ditto to all this! Yes, please, on having this included in the next release. The auto-expand nature of folders is massively annoying when trying to move a lot of different files into different folders. Bill, as always, thanks for the suggestions. I haven’t been using the Show Group window as much as I should. Partly because it orders folders differently than I have them in my db. BUT, it’s still a good suggestion! Many thanks,


by David Brin


I have the same problem, and also am frequently annoyed when I try to drop a file in a DevonNOTe folder and the list of folders races by so fast (expanding folders most of the way down) that it takes several tries to find the folder I need and drop the file into it. Anyone know how to slow down that fast scroll?
Of course, if we could assign a folder when a file is created via the services menu (take rich note or take plain note), this dragging and missing and dropping wouldn’t be necessary…

Thank you for the feedback. The next release (DT Pro/Personal 1.0.1/1.9.5 and DN 1.7.2, probably all coming next week) will collapse groups after dropping (or after moving the mouse outside of the view).

If you’re regularly dropping data from other applications to DT, the panel Tools > Show Groups might be useful (especially as this panel is able to float above other windows, see preferences).

This is great news! On both the new release and what it will do!

Using Show Groups is a good suggestion, save that it orders things differently than I do, which an make it harder to find things. I impose a different logic to my ordering system than an alphabetical one. Not the end of the world, but a reason why I don’t tend to use Show Groups as often. Just takes some getting used to, I suppose.


YES!! Thank you … they used to collapse after dropping, and somewhere among the betas they stopped doing that, to my annoyance as well. So I’m very glad this is being sorted out.