surching in more than one database

Hello, i’m a very fresh (and french) user of DTPO, and there is something i don’t understand when i read the post “A user’s journey into DEVONthink: Setup and first usage”:
“. However, DTPO is able to search all databases at once (and save these results as a smart group for future use), whichever one you happen to be working in, so I’m relaxed about always being able to pull up everything that might be relevant without having to navigate.”

• I thought it’s not possible to surch in more then one database at one…
• I’ve just tried to surch in more then one DTB, and if there is a possibility to do that i didn’t find it.

Is there something i miss ?

(sorry for the english… difficult for me)
Thank you for answers if someone can tel me something

I usually use the full Search window (Tools > Search) instead of the Toolbar query field, because the Search window has added options and features.

One of those important options is searching across all open databases.

Thank you very much !
Magnifique :smiley: