Suspect search behaviour

I have an archive of reviews and i want to search them filltering by vote.

The string used in reviews is:

Voto (da 1 a 4): ?

Where ? can be 1, 2, 3 or 4. I use search for content, operator phrase, comparison exact.

I am able to obtain all reviews with 2 or 3 but no one with 1 or 4.
I am sure they exist because i found some of them by hand.
Is this a bug or i am ignoring something?

It’s a known limitation of the optimized phrase search which does not like multiple occurrences of a word (like 1 or 4 in this case).

So, how can i complete this task?

Search for Voto (da 1 a 4) first, then replicate all results to a new group. Finally search for 1…4 inside this new group.

I’m not sure it could be done because “Voto (da 1 a 4)” is present in every file in this group.

Is there a common & static string behind “Voto (da 1 a 4): ?”?

Not at all. Before this there is a critic comment and after that there is only the EOF (or whatever indicate end of text in rtf).

Just came to my mind that the wildcard search is an exact string search. Therefore a wildcard like Voto (da 1 a 4): 4 should work but this is of course slower.

It works, thank you!

Do you think that “phrase search” will be fixed in future?

There will be a completely new, boolean-based search in the future.