Swipe down doesnt trigger local sync?

I was under the impression that a “swipe down” at the DDTG home screen (where you see all your databases listed) was supposed to trigger a sync operation.

However, this doesnt seem to be the case for Local Network sync. To get a local sync to work, I need to go into Settings > Locations and then tap on the Local Network sync location in the location list (which IS enabled). Once I do this sync is super-fast and easy, but that seems to be the ONLY thing that triggers local network sync on DTTG that I can find.

If you’re running iOS 14, have you checked the new Local Network Access switch in iOS’ Settings app > DEVONthink?

Nope … still on iOS 13 … and wouldn’t that setting block ALL attempts to sync across the local network, not just the swipe gesture?

Yes, it blocks all local network access.

Yeah it’s not that then, since as I said I CAN still do a local network sync but I have to open Settings and tap on my Local Network sync store … at that point I see it syncing all the stores fine. It’s just swiping down that doesnt start the sync.