Swipe Right-Left to see next Doc in a Group

This is how Google Drive works. Useful for images. Useful when preliminarily setting up a database, as I just did, in which I have 596 docs in one particular group—all of which need 2-3 replication assignments. This is a dull, brainless task that I’d rather not always do while seated at a computer.

Thanks for the suggestion! Assuming that the main view (e.g. List view) does not have the focus and therefore the arrow keys don’t work you could use Go > To Previous/Next Document and their shortcuts instead.

Accidental swipes that change your context are also maddening. (I’m looking at you, News.app) If implemented, please consider making it optional.

I couldn’t agree more. I so wish I could disable this function for every single app on my iPhone, to be honest. Yet here I am suggesting it for DTTG. It has its use for specific tasks, like assigning replicants, or thumbing through images within a group–but I’d surely want to regulate WHEN that functionality is active for the same reason you mention ; )

As a newbie, it’s great to be reminded of these shortcuts as I forget they exist. Just want to clarify/reiterate however that this suggestion was for DTTG, and to highlight suggestion by @GordonMeyer – my hope is that we could activate and de-activate this functionality for the same reason he brings up.

If only I had a dime for every instance I accidentally swiped R/L in BBC News app, Reddit, Apple’s News app and others–only to end up lost and frustrated to such a degree I had to force-quit the app and re-navigate to where I was–I probably could have funded a DT3 licence :rage:!

No promises, but the request is noted (and on our long list of potential future enhancements).

I would suggest not making this optional but perhaps using a gesture, like a two-fingered swipe. However, iOS Development would have to assess this.

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