Swiping between images in DTTG? Mabye a Feature Request?

Often, I just push content into DTTG or sometimes, into DT.

But sometimes, I actually try to access this content …

And doing to, I noticed something strange:

When I have multiple images (or other content) in a group or search result, I can open one of the images on the right window, even optionally nearly full screen.

But then, there is no way to switch to the next or former image!

The only way this seems to work is to not watch full screen and then touch the the items on the list on the left side.

This is … strange.

Could’nt you probably add a simple swipe left or right option to switch between items?
Like any other content browsers offers.

This would make live MUCH more easy, conventient and fun!
Also, it seems to be quite basic to swipe between items in general.

I can do this when opening a DTTG group in the Files App, but this does not allow for search results of any kind.

Maybe I just overlooked some option or way to do the same?!?

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They are aware of the request


Thanks, but I did so, using “swiping between images” as a search.

It provided only one feature request from January 2018 …

So I thought it may be better to create a new topic.

I did not find the other topic, which I am going to read now.

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