Switch between databases

Is there a keyboard shortcut to switch between open databases?

Currently only if they’re open in different windows, using standard Command-and Shift-Command- window cycling shortcuts.

I’m curious how exactly you’d expect/want a command (and shortcut) for database switching to work. For instance, would it cycle through all open databases within the current window?

Any combination of modifier key with an arrow would do the trick.

I am quite surprised it is not already there since I would expect it is quite common to have more than one database open in the same window.

IMHO while the DevonThink suite is fantastic software, it could take a few notes in the shortcut department from the Omnigroup folks who make very, very keyboard friendly software for those of us who feel mouse time is down time.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a keyboard option to move things around in the folder structure? And a tab to move between the panes rather than the option-tab command.

Come to think of it, I think the folder structure request merits its own thread.

Problem with this is, that tab without modifier key has other things to do in various panes: in the viewer with editable text it has to enter the tab-character, in tables it has to move to the next column and tab in list jumps to the next column.
But perhaps it would be nice to have a menu command “next pane” (or even a direct menu command for list, content, search, tagbar) so that everyone can enter his/her own keyboard shortcut (F-keys for example) to navigate the panes.


But you didn’t answer my question:

… would it cycle through all open databases within the current window?

Are you suggesting shortcuts for that?

It’s been discussed in other threads, though maybe not in specific ways you have in mind.

Yes. I am suggesting shortcuts for a cycle of databases open in ‘one window’.

With regards to folder structure, there should be some way to move folders around without the mouse. This is modus operandi for every outline I can think of.

Sounds reasonable to me. :slight_smile:

Generally being able to Cut/Paste selected documents and/or groups (with certain restrictions), which I’m pretty sure has been previously suggested, would be more useful to me.

It is more than one keystroke, and you have to type the first few letters of the next database you want to open, so not quite what you wanted, but you can use Launchbar to cycle through databases in one window.


mind sharing how you set up Launchbar/DT to do that?


Go to Index>Show Index. Add Folder>“DTPO dtBase” (wherever your databases are located). Make sure the checkbox next to your databases is checked. Then Save. Now you should be able to invoke Launchbar (I use command-spacebar. This choice is in Launchbar’s preferences), start typing the name of the database, it should appear in Launchbar’s list (if it’s not the first choice, scroll down and select it, Launchbar learns your preferences), hit enter when your choice is selected and the database will open.
Screen shot 2009-12-11 at 11 3.26.41 PM .png

The explanation in Launchbar help is probably better than mine if I’m confusing you.

I only let Launchbar index a small portion of my files, so I had to make sure to manually add my DT databases. If you let Launchbar index your whole harddrive, you can probably skip that step.

Good Luck

Thanks Karen, for some reason the last time i tried LB it didn’t work. works now.