Switched from DT personal to DT pro - DA no longer linked

Rank newbie here. I played with DT personal and DA for a while, then decided to give DT Pro a whirl. After installing DT Pro I loaded DA and did a search, sent some results to DT using the button, and discovered that the data went to DT personal instead of Pro. Soooo, I trashed DT personal. Now when I try to send from DA to DT my iMac goes thunk and nuttin happens.
How do I get DA to talk to DT Pro now? I couldn’t find anything in the forum or the reference guide.
I lurves DT. And I really lurves it when DT and DA play nice together.
Please help me?
Thank you,
Mrs. R.

If you’ve deleted DT Personal and emptied the trash, now restart your computer.

It’s working now, right? :slight_smile:

Gaah! I am SUCH an idiot. Emptied the trash and restarted. All is good now. 'tanks for being so gentle …
I am usually not this stupid. Honest!
Mrs. R.