Switching between alternate DT documents

When I am writing in DT and quickly want to look something up in another DT document, is there a way I can get back quickly to the document I was working on? For example, would be handy to be able to toggle back and forth between the two documents, similar to the way I can use an “arrow” key to move back a page in the web browser.

Thanks for any tips on this,

M. Marrin

The two little triangular arrows above left of your document do just that.

Thanks eiron - I just discovered that. Although I think the arrows do not work until the document has been saved in the database. If I’m writing a new document and try looking something up in another, the arrows are grey’d out and I can’t get back. However, once I have finished creating the document and I come back to it later, the ability to use the arrows becomes active.

I’ve noticed also that if I am creating a rich text document, I can’t export it until I have moved away from the document, then come back to it. It’s as if DT needs to save the document to the database before I can export it. Not a problem but just something I needed to learn about how DT behaves.

M. Marrin