Switching from Labels to Tags

I’ve found that my Label categories are too limited (maximum 7), so it’s time for me to make the switch over to Tags.

The scenario I’m envisioning is this: I have different projects that each need me to review multiple documents in multiple databases. So as I see / notice the documents, or import them, I’m trying to keep track of them the way I use Labels.

But no matter how many posts I read here, or help articles I search, I can’t figure out how to just append a Tag to a document or folder. Surely this should be simpler … or am I thinking about them the wrong way?


You can add tags e.g. via the Info inspector/popover or the tags bar to multiple selected items but can change also tags via batch processing (see Tools menu) or smart rules.

Umm… Help > Documentation > Getting Started > Tagging :slight_smile:

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Okay, that’s really helpful. Weirdly, if you search the Devonthink Help for ‘tags’ or ‘tagging’ you don’t get any results.

So. Are tags only for one database at a time? In other words, can I not use the identical tag in two or more databases? That works for labels, but seemingly not for tags.

I suppose the implicit question here is: for my purposes (grouping documents by project) are tags just labels that are restricted to single databases?

Tags belong to a database and you can have a tag with the same name in multiple databases.

Tags are not labels, but yes they are restricted to a database.