Switching to DTP edits group or file name

I have noted unusual and unpredictable behavior when I switch from another program to DTPO:

Occasionally, When I am working in another program and click on an open DTPO window, DTPO becomes the active program, AND the name of the Group or File highlights, ready to edit. This means I have to hit return, or to click again only on the folder of the Group or File.

Other times, when I click in an open DTPO window, DTPO becomes active, but the file I clicked over does not become active. No surprise here, but if I click in the same spot again too quickly (I mean a two-second delay or so), not only does DTPO become active, but the file under the mouse becomes active AND opens in a new window.

I have found myself becoming quite tentative at clicking from another active program into DTPO, because I don’t know what behavior I will get. I get windows opening where I don’t want them, and have accidentally typed over Group or File names.

Is there a preference for this? Has anybody else noticed this behavior?


I haven’t, because of (for a long time) usually consciously avoiding inconsistent click-through behavior when mouse clicking. Reminds me of these old Daring Fireball articles:

The Problems With Click-Through
Much Ado About Click-Through

It’s still a nuisance, but more tolerable by making it a mostly avoidable.

No. The only scenario coming to my mind is that you’re renaming a file, switch to another application and click on the DEVONthink window. Then you’re still renaming the file.

Anyway, which view/window do you use?