Switching views

I’m currently evaluating DT Pro and am finding it a bit annoying that whenever I switch views I lose the currently highlighted group or item. Am I doing something wrong here, or is this intentional for some reason?

Otherwise I’m pretty happy with the application – looks like it could be very useful.



In DT Pro Preferences > General check the option, “Always open Groups in a new window”.

If you wish, you can have more than one window open for a group, in different view modes if you wish. That gives you the flexibility to keep a particular document selected and to maintain the scrolling position in its text window, while you explore other views.

First off Bill thanks for the quick response – lightning fast!

However, I don’t think your suggestion helps me. What I wanted was to be looking at something buried two groups down in list view, say, and then switch to column view and find it already open in the same subgroup with the same item highlighted.

Actually, just playing around with it again, I’ve found that I seem to get what I want as long as I restrict myself to list, vertical split and horizontal split views. If I switch to any of the others it seems to forget where I am in the hierarchy.

Surely this must be an ‘unintended feature’ :slight_smile:

It’s certainly undesirable from my point of view as I happen to like the column and 3-pane views :frowning:

I was just ready to post a similar request. I use both the 3 pane view and the column view. When I switch between them I have to burrow down to the group or item that I want and then when I switch back I have to do it again. It is rather annoying.

Yes, it probably is an “unintended consequence” resulting from providing a number of views into the database. It’s on the list of things to be looked at, but there are much higher development priorities at the moment.

The Three-Panes view was the last one introduced. Some people love it, others hate it. Personally, I tend to use it when I’ve committed the “sin” of mixing documents and subgroups under a group or subgroup, and use it to identify the improperly located documents so that I can classify them into appropriate groups.

As I’m not one of the developers, I avoid the problem by sticking largely to the Vertical Split view of the group in which I’m working, while usually having several other view windows and documents open. I’ve configured the scroll button on my Mighty Mouse to instantly display all the open windows in DT Pro, so that I can rapidly switch views.