sychronizing items added to db with indexed volume

Rather than import my files and folders into my DTP database I’ve indexed them on a portable drive and have saved the DTP database file on the external drive as well. That way, whenever I add a file to the document folder on my external drive, when I synchronize DTP, my DTP index reflects what’s on the external drive.

However, sometimes I am working in DTP (e.g. browsing the web) and will add a document directly to my DTP database. Unfortunately, this document does not get written to the corresponding folder on the external drive when I synchronize–and perhaps one wouldn’t always want it to update. However, generally when I do this I WOULD like the file imported into DTP to get written to the external folder, or rather get written to the external folder and then indexed in DTP. I hope I’m making sense. Is there a good way to do or enable this? Currently, I will import a web page or document (e.g. PDF) into DTP, then export the file to an external folder and synchronize. Afterwards, I delete the original file that I imported into DTP.

I suppose there might be times I want the file stored in DTP and times I want it copied to my external folder and indexed. But I want to be able to stay in the DTP browsing interface to accomplish all of this if possible. I know these issues have probably been covered before but any ideas anyone has for how to accomplish the above, I’d appreciate hearing or a referral to an earlier post that explains. Thanks

Synchronizing is not (yet) bi-directional.

The only (and minor) simplification might be a script combining exporting, synchronizing and deleting.