symlink to root directory in Xmenu

First of all thank you for the nicest menu extra for OS X.
Now for one question: how can i add a link to the root directory in my HD to Xmenu?  I have tried creating a shortcut from the HD icon in the desktop and putting it into Xmenu directory (in my Library directory, as instructed), and also creating a symlink in the Xmenu directory using the command line, but neither works.  Is it possible to have such a link?

Did you activate the user-defined menu? The default preferences just display the contents of the applications folder.

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, i activated the user-defined menu.  I have all my “favorites” shortcuts (they are all symlinks pointing to the real files or directories) showing in that menu, as expected since i copied them to the Xmenu direcory.  The shortcuts to folders show a submenu when i stop the mouse on them.
The problem is: when i put a shortcut to my HD’s root directory inside my Xmenu directory, the shortcut shows in the user-defined menu, but it will not show sbmenus when the mouse is over that item.
Seems Xmenu is not treating the root dir as a directory… ???

Oops… you’re right - it does not work. But I wonder why (as all folders/aliases/symlinks are treated the same way). Version 1.3 will fix this (coming soon after the release of DT PE/Pro 1.9).

Nice! I will be waiting for it.
thanks for the help  :)