sync 2.9 with dropbox timing out

1:44:51 PM: The operation couldn’t be completed. (NSURLErrorDomain error -1001.) Timeout.

I was very excited to see this sync update with dropbox. So I started to sync from my mac and I really was impressed as the sync window was showing the syncing process, until about document 832 out of 3000. Then it stuck, went very slowly, then I got the message above, and continue to get the same message.

Is there some BASIC thing I perhaps didn’t do? The document it initially got stuck on was a pdf of a water bill. I hope so, because I really like Devonthink, but have largely stopped using it and have not been syncing it into dropbox because previously it was always so “funky.” I am not a power user, but I’m not-quite “stupid” either.

Thanks in advance for any advise you may give me.


As always, you must consider the network and servers you are connecting to with ANY remote Sync location. Dropbox’s servers DO go down or become unresponsive. These things are outside our control. I would try again later.

How fast is your upstream? The sync performs actually several retries in case of network errors before giving up but the next sync will resume the former sync.

Hi, I have the exact same problem when trying to sync my databases with the much hoped for new sync engine. I am not entirely convinced (yet) that this is Dropbox’s fault as I have not experienced any such issues when uploading large files placed within EagleFiler, which seems remarkably fast by comparison. It would be good to have some more detail from the developers and also hear from other users regarding their experience.

I’d suggest to reduce the number of connections, see Preferences > Sync (please note that Dropbox sync stores don’t use more than 8 connections concurrently).

As far as I know EagleFiler doesn’t include a synchronization at all, the library is just stored e.g. in the Dropbox folder and up/downloaded by the Concurrent access isn’t possible and can corrupt the library (that’s why we discourage storing of databases in such folders)