Sync 2 Databases - from 2 different computers?

I use DTP at work and at home. At work it it on a old Mac G5 and has all my work data I use as operations manager at a video post facility. At home it is used on a Macbook Pro with my personal database for all sorts of general stuff.

I’d like to sync both to my iPhone, but it doesn’t seem to want to let me do this. A warning pops up telling me the existing DB will be erased to make way for the new one.

Is there no way to sync two separate DBs to a single iPhone?

Not at this time. We’re currently in the process of implementing a new sync process that will make this possible, however.

Can you estimate when this feature will be available?
I’ve got the same problem as Jeffops and don’t want to take two iPads with me just because DTTG cannot sync from two computers.

Maybe you could provide a second DTTG app clone as a workaround?
I’m also willing to pay two times.

We are reluctant to give estimates here. We have already begun to swap the clockworks of DEVONthink To Go with the new code but there is still some work lying ahead of us.