Sync 2 Discussion

Of course,

DTTG should, in my opinion, ASAP sync over the air - with your own server, or, why not, with a Cloud that Devontechnologies builds for us :slight_smile:

I am ready to pay an annual fee for this , for sure. I am not moving away from Evernote because of the annual fee (45 Dollar), but for may other reasons.

Devonthink is very “GTD”. But one of the most important things in GTD is “Capture ideas, thoughts, infos quickly in the inbox in a safe place in order to sort it later”

Safe place means in my opinion, that the info is synced at once on a distant server. You loose your iPhone, the thoughts are not lost.

So i agree that DDTG is not competitive with Evernote mobile at this stage (although, in my case, with some 10000 notes in Evernote, EvernoteMobile took to much time when i launch it on my iPhone 4 {the notes are mot on the mobile, but the index}).

But i am sure that a futur DDTG verion xyz that will geotag and sync in real time will be the must of notettaking applications :wink:

Another good exemple : “Things” of Cultured Code was a great application MacOS/iOS before real time syncing. You had to sync manually, like DDTGO. Right now, Things is nearly perfect, since they build their own cloud service (BTW for free),very reliable.

honestly, cloud sync is the least of the problems i have with dttg.
besides, i have over 100gb of data in devonthink spread amongst 7 databases. not sure how exactly that sync would work for people like me. clearly we can’t sync everything to the mobile devices (including notebooks).

they are only nearly perfect because they aren’t omnigroup/omnifocus :wink:
the beating their cloud service takes is nothing like what devon would see though.

DTTG 2 will use Sync 2 rather than the limited sync code DTTG 1 uses, so it will be able to sync to WebDAV/Dropbox/DEVONthink/etc just the same as Sync 1 does now (although there are significant architectural changes elsewhere in Sync 2 that make comparison somewhat moot).

A solution for this should be incorporated into Sync 2 as well – filtered synchronization, essentially, maybe some kind of smart group-like setup. Basically “don’t sync my indexed files to iOS, or any PDF > 100MB, or text files created on Tuesdays”.

Just FYI.

that sounds good. cant wait for sync 2, released as alpha in 2018 :wink:
on a more serious note, filtered sync is really needed. scanned books that have 500mb or 700mb are not appealing to sync. that being said, it only really helps if the sync setup is interactive. saying ‘dont sync my indexed files to ios, PDFs > 100mb’ does not help if that set is still over the amount of free space i have left on the ipad.

I’m just hoping to survive until the release party (at the DEVONtechnologies Home for the Elderly and Infirm).

Sync 1 wasn’t designed with this in mind… but the number of people who didn’t want to sync indexed files and the people who were used to syncing subsets of data (DTTG <-> DT) made me realize early on it was a necessity.

Sure, there’ll no doubt be a great many ways of doing this sort of filtering… some will be interactive, some will be automatic, and so forth. My examples were not exhaustive.

You’re a beta tester, aren’t you? I highly encourage you (and everyone else) to open up threads with feature requests for Sync 2. I can’t make everyone happy, of course, but I would like to know what people want.

EDIT: As always, if you’ve encountered a bug or are otherwise having trouble with Sync 1, please open a support ticket so you can get one-on-one assistance and don’t have to post diagnostic logs containing reams of your personal information on a public forum.