sync a devon group with a mac folder

there is a reference manager program that allows me to use watch folder to automatically import pdf into that other program (readcube).

My pdfs live in devon.

  1. Is there a way to make the devon folders visible to another program in Mac (e.g. in a way that devon folders are visible through Files in iOS)?

  2. if #1 is not possible, then is there a way to keep synchronized the devon folder with the folder that lives in Mac Finder? Of note, I import the pdfs directly to devon, so the indexing option would not work, because it doesn’t add to the Mac folder the pdfs I import in the Devon folder (it does the reverse though). So basically I am looking for a way to “index” a Devon folder to a Mac folder

Any suggestions?

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Indexing is the recommended way to use files/folders both with/without DEVONthink. After adding new files to indexed groups in DEVONthink, you could use the “Move to external folder” contextual menu command to make the file available in the Finder (a future release will simplify and automate this)

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