Sync Across Macs

I am new to DevonThink and I have two computers on which it is installed. One computer has a database already setup with iCloud Sync using an encryption Key. How do I sync to the second computer? When I turn on iCloud Sync, no database downloads. Am I missing a step?

Welcome @Esilbe1

Am I missing a step?

Enabling a sync location will not automatically download data. We strongly believe in opt-in processes and users making choices about their data. When you select the sync location, any databases available to import are shown in the Remote section of the databases list. Double-click one and save it a safe location. We suggest a folder in your Home directory, like ~/Databases. Repeat as needed.

Note: Assuming you are referring to DEVONthink 3, this is covered int he built-in Help > Documentation > In & Out > Sync section.

Thanks and this is good to know. Interestingly, I do not see the database under the remote section. However, it is syncing to my iPhone DevonThink App. I even checked iCloud and there is no DevonThink Database. Is there something peculiar about this? Is it possible that my database is not actually synced correctly? (My other computer is at work, so cannot check until Monday).

What is reported in DEVONthink’s Window > Log?