Sync and document update by external application

I am using Devonthink 3 on several Mac systems and iOS devices. All latest versions.

Until last week, Mac devices were synced by using bonjour with wired direct connection.

One morning one of my most important working files was corrupted and after doing some analysis, my guess is that the file was synced by Devonthink and updated by the app in parallel.

Am I right ?

Please could someone help me with tipps how to prevent this ?

Actually I am using an external disk for my data, switching the disk from one Mac to the other. But this is not very comfortable…

Thanks a lot for your support.

What kind of file? But actually the sync and DEVONthink can’t update a file at the same time.

Is it possible that you unplugged the disk before closing the databases and/or unmounting the volume? This could indeed cause file or filesystem corruption.

In addition, do you synchronize your databases at all (see Preferences > Sync)? Otherwise this external disk wouldn’t be necessary usually, each computer would you its own local data.

BTW: A good backup strategy is highly recommended.

The file was a XML text file.

The external disk I am using AFTER this happened. So no longer using sync in any way for the databases.

The scenario happened using bonjour sync with a wired connection (thunderbolt cable between MacBook and Mac mini).

In which way it is ensured, that sync and app can not write to the file simultaneously ?

Backup strategie is using Time Machine which saved me :wink:

PS: Actually I am copying the databases located locally to the external disk using chronosync without using package selection. The copy process will be started manually, no schedule or automation.

The app performs the sync and doesn’t update files on different threads.

In what way was the file ”corrupted”?

The application was not able to open it - crashed

I went back to last version before and everything fine

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket so we have a record of the crash logs. Thanks.