Sync and license issue.


I have been a DTO user for several years, I just purchased a new MacBook air. I also have a desktop Mac. So my question is if I can only use Devon on one Mac at a time (i.e. I have only one license) and if devon needs to be opened on both Macs to do a direct sync connection, how does one do this without buying a second license for DTO? I have never used the sync feature, so this is uncharted Territory for me.

I tried searching for this but could not find it, I apologize if it’s already been discussed.

Thank you

You only need to buy one license. I use one license for three different machines (home mac, office mac, and macbook air).

Sync via direct connection works great but both machines need to be on the same wifi network and bonjour has to work. I have mine set to sync automatically when opening and closing the database (which it also does when you start or close the application), and on top of the hour. In addition I keep a local sync store on an external drive, just in case.

One word of caution: check the log to make sure the sync took place. My databases sometimes require a Verification and Repair (from the Tools menu) before they hum along. (That might just be me doing something unorthodox to make this happen.)

Thanks so much for your help.

How do you check the log?