Sync and Sync Store Question

I had some problems syncing to a sync store that was set-up on an external hard drive. The sync would not complete or would crash DTPO. Repair and verify did not help. But after rebuilding the database the sync completed.

However, I may have done this incorrectly. I want to keep the databases on the hard drive when running DTPO on my MacBook Air. And sycn with my desktop from time to time. But I get the feeling that is not possible. When I open DTPO sync preferences I have the option of importing the databases into my Air from the Sync store and that is not what I want.

Any suggestions? Do I simply create copies of each database and run them off the hard drive? Perhaps syncing to a sync store on another location for use as backup-

Thanks. I hope that made sense.


Each machine has a local copy. The syncStore is not being accessed by each machine, it is merely a common location storing the data to recreate a database on multiple installations of DEVONthink.

If your main databases is on the Air then you would sync up to the syncStore on the external. Then the Desktop would down from the syncStore. That make sense?

Got it! I think. Though in my case, I would also have “local” databases on the external disk. My MacBook Air only has 128gigs SSD. I think I can run locally off the external harddrive (have done so before), Sync to the Sync Store on the External, and grab those changes and Sync to my desktop.

Sounds workable.

I am sure you will let me know if I am in error.


Does the “grab those changes” step differ from “Sync to my desktop” after it? I’d think they’d be combined into a single synching step, i.e. “grab changes from the Sync Store by synching it with a desktop db”.

Thanks. Yes. I would Sync the DBs on the hardrive to the SyncStore which is also on the harddrive. And then plug the hard drive into my desktop and sync to it from the hard drive.

This will be a little less fuzzy to me once I have actually done it.


I just want to say that this is working like a charm. I had to rebuild several of my databases in order to put them in the SyncStore but once there it has been a snap to sync the databases on two computers.

Absolutely brilliant.


Glad you like it. Our Sync developer, Nate has really done a great job making Sync work well. Cheers!