Sync and Synology, CloudStation

Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding the usage of the sync option and a synology nas.
In my setup I have to MACs and I want to have sync both without having both switch on to the same time. In many cases the MACs are even not on the same location.
For all my other programs and data I used cloudStation (synology) as dropbox alternative through the fact that it resides in my own control. It works like dropbox and after setup I can ensure that all data is on all of my macs without thinking about it.

Using this with dtpo there are some strange behaviors. I created a local sync store and saved this in my cloudstation folder which will be synchronized automatically.
Sometimes the sync of the cloudStation takes very long for the last file. Sometimes I believe not all data is synced.

Did someone use also a synology and can provide the best sync option to ensure that all machines have the same data from dtpo without manually data transfer.

My goal would be to have all the dtpo data on all macs without thinking about synchronization.

It would be great if anybody can share his setup using synology.

Thanks a lot

Local sync stores support only local (“synchronous”) folders/volumes. Synchronized (“asynchronous”) folders/devices are definitely not recommended and might cause data loss. Therefore it’s e.g. not possible to create local sync stores in common cloud folders.