Sync Back to my database

If I “open with” in an app and send it to DTTG the item ends up in the Global inbox so of course when I sync it appears in the global inbox in DTOP.

Is it possible that when doing an “open with” the item ends up in my database so that when I do the sync it end up in the right database ie mine in DTOP?

Other than that this app is very good and very useful…



As things stand, Apple is fully in control of the “Open in” process going between two applications. When the document is renamed and “opened in” DTTG, the document loses any connection with the original database. We are looking at an approach that would let the user choose the original (or another) database and, if appropriate, replace the ‘original’ document with the modified document. We are currently focusing on a number of basic functional issues with the product, and by the end of January plan to begin adding enhancements such as the one discussed here.

Did I read this correctly that it will not synch back to your DT library on your machine?

No, you can save a modified file back to DTTG from another application. The issue being addressed here is that the file is renamed (the original is not modified) and hence you have the modified file and the original file appearing in DTTG. The problem relates to an application’s ability to determine the file you are now saving back is the same as an existing file, only modified.