Sync/Backup utilities won't exclude non-Devon files...

This is a backup-related question, though it involves Chronosync, :smiley: the most frequently-mentioned sync “solution” for DT.

I’ve been using CS for years, and find it to be an amazing program for keeping files current between two machines. (It worked for me for DT, though not as a sync solution, and only with the working file closed on both machines. I wrote an AppleScript to quit DT prior to my scheduled daily sync. What’s nice about CS in that scenario is that you can ask it to keep deleted files, so if I accidentally made changes in both databases, I’d be able to fix things.) For syncing, I was a happy user of Wooden Brain’s DevonSync, which has been mentioned elsewhere here.

I no longer have two machines, though, so I now am relying on a more traditional backup of my working document directories to a networked drive with Chronosync, as well as Time Machine.

What I want to do is add a remote backup, via Chronosync, just for my Devon databases. Using ChronoSync’s filters, I selected a directory that contains my DT files (along with others) and excluded everything but the “.dtBase2” extension. The problem is that CS doesn’t seem to recognize the extension - no matter what I do (and that includes a “filename includes”), the program wants to copy everything in the directory.

This occurs whether or not I choose to dissect packages, and no matter what the destination. The problem is replicated in the Forklift file manager app’s sync function, so I’m pretty sure it isn’t Chronosync.

My system itself seems to recognize DevonThink files in a search; Spotlight with the “filename:dtBase2” syntax works fine, yielding only the appropriate files.

I have attached a (large,so you can see the problem) screen grab of what the ChronoSync trial sync yields.

Maybe there’s something very basic that I’m not doing…any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.