Sync between two accounts on same machine?

Is it possible to sync a database between two accounts on the same computer? I tried creating a local sync store in a directory accessible to both accounts (verifying that both users have read a write access), but while an initial sync works (from the account that created the database to the new one) subsequent syncs fail with the message “No such file or directory (NSPOSIXErrorDomain 2)” logged.

Yes, it’s possible but Apple’s permissions are fiddly with this stuff. where is your local sync store located?

I have the exact same problem. Did you ever sole this?

My local sync store is in the Users/Shared folder

I’d like to set this up – one database shared between two accounts on the same machine. Where can I find help/guidance to set up?

This is not advocated. You can’t use the same database simultaneously by more than one user.

That being said, you can use a local sync store in the /Users/Shared account. However, you will need to manually change the permissions in the Get Info pane in the Finder to allow read and write access for both accounts ,e.g.,…


You can then sync the accounts with this local sync store, keeping each independent copy up to date.

See Help > Tutorials > Sync via Local Store for a step-by-step on using a local sync store.

Thanks for your quick reply. Maybe my wording was off. I’m not looking to use the same database simultaneously, just for two different users to be able to use it when they log in at mutually exclusive times. Was hoping to avoid having duplicate databases using up two times the space on the same machine. What’s your recommendation

Honestly, I would recommend syncing between the accounts.

Otherwise, if you put the database in the /Users/Shared account, you will still need to adjust the permissions manually. And you must make sure you close DEVONthink, or at least close that specific database, before switching accounts.

PS: This should not be done with the Global Inbox, only separate databases.

Wonderful. Thanks for the quick support!

You’re welcome.