Sync between untrusted systems

I can see how to synchronize between multiple computers using the same Dropbox account. I share databases between my desktop and laptop regularly.

But I can’t see how to share across multiple Dropbox accounts.

Here’s the situation. I have an assistant who does some of the preliminary research for my projects. We share files via a shared Dropbox folder: I don’t have access to any of her files outside of that folder, nor does she have access to mine.

DevonThinkPro is my primary research archive, so in the best of all possible worlds she would be able to set up her findings in a database and share it on Dropbox, from which point I could offer feedback, combine her results with my own, and all the useful things that DTP can do.

But how to accomplish this?



Using WebDAV is technically plausible, but not ideal. Dropbox has the advantage of being a pre-existing professional service that we both know how to use. WebDAV means enlisting my support resources to get a server set up and configured.