Sync "Broken" after moving DT to new computer

I recently acquired a new MacBook Pro. I successfully moved DT from my MacBook Air. However, the sync appears to have “broken.”

Should I delete the remote databases on my iPad and iPhone and start again?

What sync method is the most reliable?

More details would of course be useful.


Sounds like sync on new MacBook Pro not setup yet/correctly?

Some details needed by @cgrunenberg and others that would start the debug process include:

  • what sync method did you use on the MacBook Air?
  • is network working properly on the new MacBook Pro?
  • Do you intend to keep the sync method used on MacBook Air now that you have a new machine?
  • will you include the MacBook Air syncing with the MacBook Pro?
  • are any other devices, e.g. iOS devices, involved?
  • If using a third-party cloud service (like Dropbox, Apple’s CloudKit/iCloud, etc.) do you really need syncing when “out and about”, e.g. someone at the base needing the results of those synchs?
  • After setting up sync on the new machine (Macbook Pro), what error messages were presented? What information is in the DEVONthink log?
  • screen shots of any error messages would be useful.

FYI, I rely on Bonjour for all synching, supplemented by an in-house WebDAV server running on a NAS. I don’t use any internet-based cloud services. As reported here (you can read these reports), Apple’s CloudKit and iCloud are unreliable for many. Your mileage may vary.