Sync CloudKit not syncing recently imported and no warnings or errors

I have my MAC, iPhone and iPad all synced and no errors or warnings. Looks like it is all working.

On my iPhone I imported a document into the global inbox. I then moved it to the database and in a group that I have other similar “Weekly Status Updates”. It looks like it synced all fine on the iPhone. The sync status shows no pending and it exists just fine in the group.

On my Mac and iPad it does not show up, I have syncd, verified databases and waited for it to appear for about an hour.

I may move to a different sync store, maybe dropbox this is too annoying because my imports have been missing now and then between devices. Or I import a webclip and then on the Mac it is orphaned and the download button where it should be does not exist but on the iPhone it does.

Apple’s Cloudkit has a mind of its own when it wants to sync. yes try Dropbox and also give Bonjour a try as it is probably the most reliable and fastest.

Thanks for the tip. Dropbox is out my databases are too large for the personal plan and don’t want to spend $10 a month for the sync. I will see about the Synology WebDav option and Bonjour which I have turned on at home and still having the issue.

My databases are at 50.9 GB of years of collection and research across about 20 databases. Not sure if the sheer size is an issue with CloudKit.

maybe i am just over complicating. So can I just run Bonjour and keep everything in sync at home. Not that I think about it, once everything is syncd and I am on the go with my iPad I can just use what was already syncd and when back at home it will reconcile with a bonjour sync. So really I don’t need to sync on the go since it is just me and my devices, I can wait until arriving at home re resync.

So can I just run Bonjour and keep everything in sync at home

Yes. And we suggest, if you don’t need a remote sync option, don’t use one.
We discuss this on the Help and I posted a treatise on this here…