Sync conflict (Dropbox)

I use Scrivener 3 whose sync via Dropbox uses folder D>Apps>Scrivener.

DTTG default folder on Dropbox is D>Apps>DEVONthink Packet Sync

When I tried to sync Scrivener on my iphone and ipad, connects then nothing. After trying several times including waiting about half and hour for the sync I concluded there must be a conflict somewhere? Rather than give up trying to get Scrivener sync to work, I removed DTTG app from my iphone and deselected the Dropbox link in DTPO. Scrivener works brilliantly now.

How should I go about getting DTTG to also work brilliantly on my iphone and ipad - ample free space on both?

On iOS each application is sandboxed and uses its own container. In addition, the apps use different Dropbox folders, therefore conflicts should be impossible and I’d suggest to reinstall DEVONthink To Go and to try it again.

Noted, thank you. Have done, is working now.