Sync: content not syncing to host "file not yet available"

I can’t get full bi-directional syncing to work with the new direct syncing method.

Setup: DTPO 2.9.4 on both desktop and laptop.

In past arrangements, I’ve had the desktop set up as the host. The client is on the laptop. Syncing in both directions worked flawlessly.

I’ve tried to replicate that with the new process. I.e.

  • the desktop has ‘accept incoming connections’ and a password
  • the laptop can see the desktop location and all the databases. The laptop has all the options checked (synchronise labels, etc)

If I add a new document to the desktop and sync, then the new document appears on the laptop completely (i.e. all the content is there).

But if I add a new document to the laptop and sync then all I get on the desktop is a greyed-out documents in which there’s an icon and the words “File not yet available”. There is a ‘download’ button underneath this, but it’s greyed out and can’t be pressed.

There’s no apparent way of making the document sync from laptop to desktop.

I’ve tried reinstalling the laptop DTPO and trashing the inbox / preferences / caches etc, but I’m still getting the problem.

What am I doing wrong please?

Are you indexing files?

Thanks for the quick reply.

No, I’m not indexing the files in question. They’re just standard imports from Safari or simple new text files created directly in the laptop global inbox.

BTW: is there a precise definition for what triggers ‘File not yet available’ errors? When would they normally appear and when would the ‘Download’ button normally become active?

If this isn’t a known problem due to a rogue setting or a bug, then the only thing I can suggest that may be affecting it is this:

I installed DTTG2 a couple of weeks back and changed the setting there to sync only the metadata. The first thing I did when I encountered this problem was to delete the DTTG app to clear the decks. This has had no effect on the laptop failing to upload content problem.

Is it possible that there’s some interconnection – the DTTG-Desktop setting is still somehow overriding the laptop-desktop setting? (The date the problem occurred is roughly the same as the date I installed DTTG2)

Unless you can suggest another thing to try first, I think my next step will be to reinstall DTPO on all three devices and experiment with a clean test database.


What kind of file did you add? Or does the type or name not matter?

It doesn’t seem to matter: they were a range of RTF, Webarchives, PDF+Text.

This is what a typical file looks like:

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 15.46.40.png

Here’s the info section:

Obviously. something’s getting through the sync, because that’s an accurate thumbnail of the document.

BTW, where is this ‘File not yet downloaded’ file normally seen and when would the button become active?



On the Mac this should only happen in case of indexed files after disabling the option “Synchronize indexed contents” of the sync location. Could you please choose Help > Report Bug (after pressing the Alt modifier key) on both Macs and send the email to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks!

Will do, thanks.

Just a quick update in case anybody has been following this thread.

I reported the problem to the Help Desk and Christian very quickly identified the bug and fixed it – really excellent service, thanks!

I understand the fix will be rolled out in due course, but obviously I don’t know when that will be.

thanks again

We’ll release an update later this month which will both improve the sync and the Sierra compatibility.