Sync database on my hosting service


I failed to set up syncing on my local network. So, I am going to try syncing from my web host MySQL. Could you please help me.
I set up a MySQL site with a pass word.
What is the next step? The instructions that I see are for sharing on my local network. I have not succeeded with that, so now I am trying basically syncing the databases on 2 macs using MySQL.


MySQL is not a web hosting provider. It is a database technology that is supported by some service providers for allowing access to MySQL databases to other Users.

MySQL offers no benefit in this case and cannot be used for DEVONthink Syncing. You should check if the hosting service provides access to WebDAV, as this would be the only technology that would apply to your situation.

It looks like webDAV is the same thing as Web Disc which my hosting provider has. So, I am going to try setting up.

Found the information, but it does not work. Probably you cannot help.

What provider are you using?


I just sent an email to JustHost support to see if they will provide proper WebDAV login information.