Sync databases with iCould or Dropbox?

I’m trying to decide which to use, iCloud or Dropbox, to sync my DTP3 database with my iOS DTTG. Is one a better than the other for this sync? Is there any advantage to using iCloud or Dropbox? I already have a 2TB plan with Dropbox and 200 GBs on iCloud and have room to spare on both. Thanks!

There aren’t any distinct advantages to either. iCloud is available on your devices signed into your Apple ID and it’s the easiest to set up. However, it’s also a two-stage sync where we sync locally then iCloud uploads to Apple’s servers. Our sync to Dropbox goes directly to their servers. This really only shows a difference in initial uploads / downloads. Subsequent syncs are essentially the same.

Thanks for the explanation. Think I’ll probably go with Dropbox since I have a lot more room left there.

You’re welcome.