Sync dead again

Yesterday I started running into issues with sync again. I still have never been able to sync any of my indexed databases but yesterday all of my databases stopped doing any sync at all. I’ve tried resetting the settings. Totally closing DTTG on the iPod and DTPro Office on the mac, restarting everything and setting up a simple ad hoc network. I have made no changes to my system, router or network at all.

My results are either that I never see my computer name or I get a connection error. Sync is now totally gone.

PLEASE figure out how Omnifocus does their bonjour sync and implement that! It’s critical that DTTG properly synch and the total flakiness of the system is very frustrating.

Today’s update:

Ran OnyX and various disk utilities to see if there were any problems, cleared all caches, reset on the iPod etc. No problems have been found and still no sync. I can’t do a download and reinstall today as I need what data is on my iPod on a trip and I’m leaving momentarily. I’ve had to print out the missing notes to take with me.

And just FYI, full wifi sync is working for Omnifocus, 1Password and even Splashshopper with no problem during this entire time!

Offhand, nothing comes to mind why this would happen. I think the best way to figure out what’s going on is for you to try a debug version of the plugin (just emailed you information about that).

(For reference, this discussion has been continued through our support system.)