Sync Devonthink with Finder Tags


is there way to sync the Finder Tags with Devonthink or at least write them to the file system?

Thanks, Tekl

When you import files into DEVONthink, Finder / OpenMeta Tags are imported.

If you Tag imported files, the Tags are not written to the filesystem until you export them out of the database (via File > Export or drag and drop).
(Note: There would be no benefit to writing the Tags to imported files as Spotlight does not index the contents of packages, so you’d never be able to do a Spotlight search to find them by Tags.)

If you Tag indexed files, the Tags will be written to the filesystem.

it could be a nice feature to have the possibility to index all tagged files (red tags in finder for example) in devonthink. So that if I tag in red a file in finder it would be automatically indexed in a devonthink group even if it is not in an indexed folder.

it could be usefu but I’m not sure if that would be possible

Interesting but definitely not trivial. :smiley:

Hi and thanks for your answer. I forgot to say that I only use indexed folders to have the folder structure intact. But I recently realized that I have all Tags accessible in the Finder search but I can’t see them in the info window.

Tags applies to folders were not imported into DEVONthink. This will be fixed in the enxt maintenance release.