Sync Dialog with Multiple Desktops (Annoyance)


I found an annoyance today with DT when using with multiple Desktops on macOS. Here are steps to repro:

  1. Setup DT for syncing (I use Dropbox, but don’t think it makes any difference).
  2. Start DT, then move the main DT window to a second desktop (usually using three-finger upward swipe then drag DT to “Desktop 2”).
  3. Switch to this second desktop to access DT, then open a note and make some edits.
  4. After a few minutes, macOS will switch back to the main desktop all by itself. Swiping back to Desktop 2 often causes it to instantly switch back to the main desktop again.

What seems to be happening is this: When DT does a periodic sync, it displays the little “syncing” progress dialog. But it always pops this dialog up on the MAIN desktop (not the one occupied by DT), and uses some alert mode that causes macOS to switch back to display this dialog.

This is pretty annoying, as it means every few minutes your work in DT is interrupted as macOS switches desktops again and again for each periodic sync. I’m not sure (a) why DT doesn’t display this progress dialog on the current DT desktop and (b) why it’s setup as an “alert” dialog that causes macOS to switch desktops anyway. Would be nice if this behavior could be changed.


This can be disabled using a hidden preference:
Check out the Help > Documentation > Appendix > Hidden Preferences

Ah, thanks for the workaround. Though I still think this window should open on the same desktop as the main DT window(s).