Sync Dropbox database with 2 Mac's

I’ve got a database in my Dropbox, which I sync with 2 Mac’s - a Mini and a MacBook Pro. I mainly use one Mac for work, and the other at home, so my DTPro database gets updated on both. Of course I know to shut down on each system before I load the other - this is no problem.

I just got DTTG for my iPhone & iPad, and it seems I can only sync with one or other of the Mac’s at a time, even though it’s the same database. If I try to sync with the other Mac it wants to replace the whole database (with exactly the same Dropbox database). This is not a huge problem, but it seems like it wouldn’t be too much to expect, to be able to sync the exact same database in my Dropbox to my DTTG from 2 different Mac’s.

DTTG has plans to sync with Dropbox so I imagine when that’s done, the desktop version will also handle dropbox fairly well and I’d guess they have plans to have it work with multiple desktops too.

I sync all my databases via Dropbox too, and DtTG syncs fine with both computers without re-syncing everything. I have no idea why it works for me and not for you… :confused:

I get the following popup on my iPhone:

Pairing Problem

This device has previously been paired with a different computer. Do you want to pair DEVONthink To Go with this other computer and replace ALL ITS DATABASES with new ones. (The caps are as in the message)

hmm. the devon guys will know. Is there anything in a db that ties it with a computer, even temporarily before its again opened on another computer? A db going between computers maybe causes some issues. DT seems to have not yet been designed for database replications, versions, and syncing with a database rather than a computer.